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How to test the quality of a Telstra line

Here is a quick guide on how to check your telephone line quality using Telstra TESTFAX Plug a fax machine in to the phone socket. Send a blank page to 1300 368 999. Wait for about 2 minutes and you should receive a fax back with a 2 page report on your telephone line. The report will include data about the transmission levels and overall quality of the line. If you are having problems with an ADSL connection, you can give this information to your service provider as it will help the identify the problem. There are many possible causes of a bad quality line. The majority have something to do with the old, under maintained copper infrastructure that brings the phone lines from the exchange to your premises. If you are more than a few kilometres from the telephone exchange then you may experience slow internet speeds. In many cases, slow internet or a bad quality telephone lines can be fixed if you speak to the right person in Telstra. Having done the test fax should aid you in this process. Signs you have a cross line: If you hear faint voices or strange noises in the background of your conversation, it is more than likely that you have a cross line. The best way to confirm this is to pick up the phone and dial 12722123. When the voice reads back your phone number, listen carefully to see if you can hear another number being read at the same time as yours. It will be hard to decipher as there will be 2 voices reading the numbers out at the same time. Other symptoms of a cross line are that when you ring someone, the person gets called twice at the same time. You can usually hear an engaged tone or voice mail in the background while you speak. If you feel that you do have a cross line, it is vital that you contact your service provider straight away as there is a large possibility of double charging on the phone bill. Calls made from someone else’s line may also be charged on your bill.