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Business Phone Services

We deliver voice services (SIP trunks) to Australian businesses through a direct link to a Broadsoft softswitch (the worlds largest and most reputable class 5 softswitch) while maintaining a range of legacy telecommunications products such as ISDN, PSTN and ADSL.

VoIP plans for Business

Switching to VoIP provides unparalleled flexibility. Fast to provision and significantly cheaper than traditional phone lines our SIP trunks are a step in the right direction for businesses of all sizes.
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Standard Telstra Plans

We provide legacy Telstra PSTN and ISDN phone services to our business clients that are yet to move to the NBN. By moving to Astro now we are able to assist you throughout the transition to NBN and help you avoid costly disruptions.
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1300 & 1800 Numbers

If you do business in more than just your local city then an inbound number might be for you. 1300 and 1800 numbers mask the area code that your business in located in and give you flexibility to route calls depending on where the caller originates from.
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Fax to Email

If you wish to retain an inbound fax number we offer a cost effective solution for receiving faxes directly via email. You can keep your existing fax number with this service.
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